If a Long Term Relationship Ended in the Past Six Months

Even if you didn’t marry your former partner, long term relationships still take their toll when they end. Dating someone on the rebound right after another relationship is not only a mistake but it can lead to disaster, because most people are more vulnerable and needy than normal in the aftermath of a breakup. Instead, work through the stages of Dating Prep completely before thinking about dating again, which should take approximately six months of hard work for most people.

Here is perfect advice when it comes to how long you should wait before entering a new relationship after a breakup from a long term relationship. I actually recently went through a breakup from not only a long term relationship but also the relationship was the first true love I ever had. It’s funny because I was in my late 20’s before I experienced that true love feeling. Even though it was my first true love, the relationship was also full of its own problems. These problems eventually lead to our final break up. Lucky for me, I was mature enough to realize that I just needed to take a break from dating all together.

It took me a good six months to deal with the heart ache of the past relationship. In those six months I spent time dealing with the heart break and letting go of this man that I actually loved dearly. I not only escaped the ever easy rebound relationship that would of left me maybe even a little more messed up, but I got through the heart ache in true fashion. I proved to myself that I can be strong enough on my own. I dealt with the fear of not knowing if I would ever find real love again. I found new things about myself. I started blogging and found passion. Through this new strong me, came a man who is crazy about me! He loves everything about me and most importantly he respects me and treats me like a queen! The moral of the story is to take your time and do not just jump into a new relationship just to escape the pain of the last. Find yourself and start the new relationship with you. When you start to love yourself, you cant help but attract men from every angle, trust me!

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