I Really Want Him to Marry Me 7 Vital Keys You Must Know If You Want to Make Him Marry You

Make Sure You’re Long-Term Material

Before you continue with anything else, ask yourself if you’ve been together long enough to even expect a marriage proposal.

Additionally, be honest with yourself about where you are in your life and whether or not you are truly wife material. Don’t fret; even if you aren’t now, you will be eventually and there’s no need to rush these things.

Get Along With His Family

Take every measure you possibly can to build a positive relationship with his family members. Even if they’re difficult, you can win them over. It’s crucial to have their approval on some level if you want your man to propose.

His mother can be of great help if she ends up growing quite fond of you. She can suggest things and nudge him to take things to the next level with you and settle down.

Show Off Your Domestic Side

It may seem old-fashioned, but most guys want to end up with a girl who knows how to cook and regularly cleans.

If you don’t know how to cook, take a class or ask a friend who’s highly skilled in the kitchen to help you out and teach you some things.

Be Loving, Nurturing and Supportive

A man can envision a future with you a whole lot easier if he feels an attachment to you. To make sure he feels that attachment, you want to be loving and supportive.

If you’re cold and uncaring and do not support his aspirations, you aren’t being a good girlfriend and he really won’t want to see what kind of wife you’ll be. Even when you’re angry, you can find ways to express yourself in a way that doesn’t give him nightmares.

Help Him Out

You need to prove that you are an asset. Learn to be selfless and do little things for him because you love him and want to make his days easier.

Pick up his dry cleaning if you know he won’t have time, iron for him, get his car washed and detailed, get him and his buddies tickets to a game he’d love to go to, etc.

When it comes to knowing if you want to marry someone or not, please make sure you are not rushing the decision. I have seen over and over again couples that rush into relationships and it not work out. Remember that if it is meant to be then it will be. Take the time to really get to know the person and make sure that the both of you are ready to be a healthy couple.

Getting along with his family is so vital and has been underrated at times. When it comes to the forever relationship, you have to know that family is forever as well. Getting along with his family does not mean you have to be best friends with them, it just simply means that you have to respect and love them.

Finally the other two keys I am going to address are, being loving, supportive and being the woman you were created to be. Lets face it, men have strengths as do women but a woman is the one who was made for nurturing, (hints the breasts!) Be a supportive, nurturing and loving woman for him to come home to is one of the best ways you can help him out and show your an asset to the team of marriage.

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