Reasons Hes Not The One

Women love to have the idea of the perfect romance. They like the idea of living a fairy tale life of the knight in shining armor getting the princess and living happily ever after. But in real life, there’s no such thing. Real life is determined by struggles and trying to fight for making love last.

In the same way, women may not always have the opportunity of finding the right guy the first time they get into a relationship. There are more times that they may even get the wrong guy. But sometimes out of love, women may not always be able to see it clearly. But if there are signs that the guy may not be “The One”, these might be some of them.

He’s not honest with you.

True love is always nurtured by honesty and trust. Without both, it may not be easy for a relationship to last. A guy finding it hard to be honest with you will always bring that habit along and may work against you in the long run. A dishonest guy, especially when it concerns you, is one clear reason that will tell you he’s not the right guy for you.

He doesn’t respect you.

Love is all about respect. It is not about just caring about your own needs and wants, but also that of your partner. The same thing applies the opposite way. Mutual respect is the fuel that keeps the fire of love going. But if that respect only comes from you and not from your partner, then it may show a one-sided relationship that only you try to nurture.

He’s outlook is only after himself.

A relationship is always about two people. It has never been just one. People in a relationship learn to look out for each other. They are not always just concerned about themselves but also their partners. When a guy’s interest just falls on one person- and that is himself- then the guy clearly may not be for you.
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